P2a Learning Log 08.05.17-12.05.17

What is going well?

“I learned about plurals in literacy. Plural means more than one. –Georgia

“I learned that caterpillars start as eggs and then they go into a cocoon for 15 days before becoming a butterfly.”   –Kendyll

“I know that singular means one and plural means more than one.” –Dan

“I was learning to count syllables in words.” –Kaitlyn

“I was using my new tricky words in sentences this week.” -Martin


What could be better?

“I would like more games on the ipads..” –Dan

“More people need to listen to instructions straight away.” –Ayla

“To learn to write more compound words in literacy.” -Courtney

“I would like to get better at taking away in maths.” –Finlay D



This week as part of our topic we have been learning about the life cycle of a frog. We had fun making frog headbands which show each stage of the life cycle.

We are also very lucky and have tadpoles in our classroom! We have been watching the tadpoles grow and hopefully will see them change into frogs before we break up for summer.







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