P1b Learning Log 8.5.17

What is going well?

“I liked our class assembly because everyone joined in the songs.” – Nicholas

“Some of our plants are starting to grow!” – Theo

“We got to go to the Botanic Gardens and we made an island for a bear.” – Logan

“We had a teddy bears’ picnic.” – Sophia

“We had a colour and we had to find something outside to match.” – Kayla

“We looked for clues to find Edward Bear the giant teddy.” – Tristan

“I liked going on a coach.” – Kaede

“I am proud of myself for the assembly.” – Alex

“I liked having my lunch outside at the Botanic Gardens.” – Caiden

“I liked the assembly because I remembered all my words.” – Isla

“We learned about 3D shapes like spheres and cubes.” – Jack

“We went on a 3D shape hunt all around the school!” – Laukya

“I liked holding my picture up in the assembly.” – Zilan

Next week we would like to do more maths outside, learn more about plants and practise our activities for sports day!

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