P5b Learning Log wk. beginning 8.5.17


This week in maths we have been practising different methods of adding and subtracting. Some of the methods are by partitioning, using and empty number line or the 100 square. Then we did some comparing of fractions. You need to know what the denominator of the fraction means to be able to do this. We also had fraction walls to help us do this.


We have started our class newspaper. Each person has to do two articles. One is about events around the world or about our local community or school. The other article is about something that interests us that we can write about. We tried out this kind of writing when we did our front page newspaper article about Kensuke’s Kingdom before the holidays.


We are also learning about the different ways to use an apostrophe in the right way. One way is to show possession and another way it to show contraction – when you make two words into one.



We have started some of the experiments we are going to do this term. We did a chromatography experiment. This was to find out if felt pen ink was a pure colour of if it was made up of different colours. Here are some pictures of how we did that.

Art competition:

This week we have been finishing our Leith Gala Time Travel pictures and we have to write a paragraph about where we want to go in our time travel machines. Then we write what it is called.



In music we made up a game to help us keep the rhythm and beat of  different song’s One song was Orlando’s song. We did a hand clap to go with a blue bird song.




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