P3a Learning Log 8th to 12th May

This week in French we sang head shoulders knees and feet and Frere Jacques. We were very good at it. 

In maths we did a fraction worksheet and it was really fun. 

In topic we’re doing the human body and we made a skeleton with card and we had to cut out the ribs. We put the heart and lungs inside. We drew a happy face on the head.

We are reading Roald Dahl books and we are reading the BFG and its really good. We all the funny words and similes.

I need to get better at spelling- Elise

I need to use more Wow words in my writing- Lexi

Making big numbers

Skeletons in the making

Having fun with the NYCOS teacher

Working out fractions of whole numbers

Lexi and Elise

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