Learning Log 24th-28th April

Learning Log

Alcohol Awareness Trip

This week all the P7s and P6s went on a trip to the Hibs stadium at Easter Road. We went for the first part of our alcohol awareness course that carries on over 8 weeks every Tuesday. We got split into 3 groups mixed with the four classes, each of our groups did different activities. Our first activity was a chat with Stuart (one of instructors). He talked about how most athlete don’t usually drink and why you shouldn’t drink if you want to be an athlete. Then Sue gave us a tour of the stadium. Then Aaron gave us a fitness activity.

Music and Drama

This week we did our Bugsy Malone auditions for the main parts. The main parts were: BUGSY, BLOUSEY, FAT SAM AND DANDY DAN these were all classed as main parts although I think Tallulah and Leroy should have been classed as main parts too.


Last week our class started a novel called Wonder about a boy called August who has Treachers Collins syndrome, a condition that deforms the face. We have read up to the part when August is visiting his new school. He got a tour round the school by some people that were going to be in some of his classes. The children’s names were Charlotte, Julian and Jack Will. He liked Jack Will and Charlotte but August wasn’t that keen on Julian.


This week in maths we were doing negative numbers. I really enjoyed this and it gave us a head start for high school. We were doing sums like:18-{-19}=


This was third level maths and I was pretty surprised at this as it was actually easy for most of us. A tip for negative numbers is to always remember that 0 still counts as a whole number.



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