P6a Learning Log w.c. 1.5.17

This week we had our first lesson on alcohol awareness.  We had to tell our group what we know about alcohol. We learned that you have to be 18 in this country to buy alcohol but in America you have to be 21. Also, in this country, if you don’t look 25 years old you will need ID to buy alcohol.

We all designed t-shirts for the JRSO competition. They had to be bright and we could put a slogan on them to remind people not to park on the zigzags outside school. We all had different ideas and we did a great job. It will be hard to choose a winner!

On Wednesday we learned a bit more about electricity. We found out that electricity is measured in volts. Mains sockets have a much higher voltage than batteries, which is why mains electricity can be dangerous.  We got to use different electrical parts to make a circuit. Our challenge was to make something work using electricity. We made a light bulb light up, a buzzer sound, a propellor spin and discovered that a switch can be added to the circuit to control the flow of electricity. Some groups also discovered that you can make a bulb shine more brightly by using two batteries. Everyone said that they had learned something new about electricity and that they had enjoyed the lesson.

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