P2a Learning Log 01.05.17-05.05.17

What is going well?

“I liked learning how to use tally marks, I know that when you get to 5 you need to put a line through the middle.” –Ayla

“ We learnt the tricky words ‘know’ and ‘walk’ in literacy”. –Georgia

“We learnt about using the connective ‘and’ to join two sentences together.”


“I liked learning about how a butterfly changes in it’s life cycle.” –Robyn

“I was learning to count syllables in words in literacy. “ –Kaitlyn.


What could be better?

“I would like to play the game of 11 in French again.” –Zahra

“I want to learn about football in p.e again.” –Finlay D

“When we do our topic work I would like to learn about hamsters and how to look after them.” –Dan

“In topic we could talk about the pets we have and what they are called.” –Jackson

“I want to learn about lions and where they live.” –Rory


In literacy this week we have been learning about the connective ‘and’. We know that we use ‘and’ to join two sentences together. One of our activities was to come up with our own sentences which had to have a compound word and the connective ‘and’ in them. Here are a few examples of our work:

IMG_9294IMG_9291 (2)IMG_9295IMG_9296


We have also been learning how to order bigger numbers in maths!


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