P1b Learning Log 1.5.17

What is going well?

“Watering the seeds that we planted.” – Erika

“I like reading stories in the story corner.” – PJ

“Playing starfish tig in the playground.” – Zilan

“I like practising for our assembly.” – Caiden

“Counting up to 100 in maths.” – Nicholas

“I like playing Danger Mouse at Golden Time.” – Kayla

“Counting forwards and backwards in maths.” – Jaxx

“Practising our sounds on Hairy Phonics.” – Ellis

“Counting up to 20 is easy.” – Klaudia

“I like doing Jack and the Beanstalk for our topic.” – Theo

“I like playing games outside when it’s sunny.” – Joseph

“I like working with Mrs Salvona.” – Layla

“I like learning about plants.” – Isla

Next week we would like to keep practising for sports day and our class assembly, and play more games outside in the sun!

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