P1a Learning Log -May

Week Beginning 29/5/17

What is going well?

Hannah – doing our own pop art

Finlay – doing competitive races

Joe – Colouring our faces

Harris – learning new tricky words

Magda – counting back from 30

Lenny – doing sports day activities

What could be better?

Luo Lin – Number bonds to 10

Jay – counting up to 100

Freya – counting backwards from 20 without looking at the numbers

Alex – running faster at daily mile

Emilia- counting to 30

Sean – counting back from 100

This week we have really enjoyed trying out all the sports day activities. Next week we would like to play more games outside.

Week Beginning 23/5/17

What is going well?

Harris – revision in literacy has been going well

Hannah & Freya – playing bingo in literacy

Sean – learning the ‘oa’ sound

Magda – counting to 100 in maths

Joe – doing number bonds up to 10 in maths

Luo Lin – learning the ‘igh’ sound

Tia, Emilia & Alex – counting up to 30

Finlay – taking away numbers in maths

Brandon – counting

Seth – counting to 50

Lenny – learning outside

Elle – when the P6’s came to read us a story

Nikolas – playing with friends

What could be better?

Kshitis –doing the letter p

Jay – learning new words

Adrian – counting backwards from 20

Ali – learning tricky words

This week we have really enjoyed reading books with our P6 Buddies and leartning outside. Next week we would like to do more sports day activities.



Week Beginning 15/5/17

What is going well?

Joe – practicing with the tunnels for sports day

Adrian – water experiment with the steam

Harris – Daily Mile

Finlay – Topic, doing the experiment

Hannah – jumping over and under thing in gym

Luo Lin –learning the igh sound

Elle – water makes steam when it is really hot

Freya – running in gym

What could be better?

Emilia – counting to 100

Tia – counting up to 20

Ali – Topic maths, knowing names of shapes

Alex – Counting up to 30

Seth – gym, jumping

Jay – rhyming words

Brandon – throwing beanbags into hulahoops

Sean – counting in French

Kshitiz – doing sh and ch words

This week we really enjoyed learning french colours with the P6’s.

Week Beginning 8/5/17

What is going well?

Hannah – painting flowers with all the parts of a flower

Joe – practicing for sports day

Alex – Athletics, jumping for sports day

Harris – Counting to 100

Ali & Magda – Jumping

Kshitiz – painting a flower – it needs water

Seth – doing Mile a day

What could be better?

 Tia – jumping over things in gym

Freya – jumping over the hurdles in gym

Elle – counting to 100

Lenny – remembering all the parts of a flower with playdough

Luo Lin – make two numbers add to 10

Finlay – maths, taking away

Brandon – counting Backwards from 20

This week we have really enjoyed going to the Botanic Gardens and watching P1B’s assembly. Next week we would like to learn some new words in French.

Week Beginning 2/5/17

What is going well?

Emilia – numbers to 100 and counting backwards

Seth – doing sports day stuff

Elle – sports day practice

Kshitiz – maths counting to 100

Hannah – counting backward and forwards to 30

Magda – counting backwards

Nikolas –running in gym

Harris – Literacy revision

Joe – underarm throwing

Finlay – gym, running

Jay – jumping

Freya –counting backwards from 20

What could be better?

Adrian – the oa, ou and ow sounds

Lenny – underarm throwing for sports day

Ali & Brandon – throwing a beanbag in the hoops

Luo Lin – learning the au sound

Tia – counting upto 30

Alex – reading sentences

Sean – counting in French

This week we have really enjoyed doing Show and Tell and doing Gym outside. Next week we would like to go on a trip.

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