Primary 2 and primary 5 French fortune tellers. 

We have been working with primary 5 to help us develop our skills in French. Primary 5 made fortune tellers using the French vocabulary for colours, numbers and days of the week and taught us how to use these correctly. We all had a great time using these to practise our French and can’t wait to work together again! 

P2a trip to Gorgie Farm

Last week we went on a trip to Gorgie Farm to help us learn about different animals and how to look after them. We had a great day walking around the farm and learnt a lot of new things. We also got the opportunity to handle a few of the animals on the farm including a guinea pig, tortoise and hedgehog. Here are some pictures from our day at the farm. 

P6a Learning Log w.c. 22.5.17

Ryane’s learning log.

This week in Keeping Myself Safe I learned that you could get hurt by someone in your own house. I learned that if that happens to me I would go to the teacher or someone I can trust.

We did our Literature Circles on Wednesday. Everyone has a different role to play each week. We are getting better at remembering what we have to do and had some really good discussions about our reading books.

We also did the Leith Gala Day poster competition. The theme was ‘Time Machine’ and we had lots of great ideas.

When we had a fire drill everyone was very sensible and we got out very quickly. We did so well that we earned more ‘pasta points’!


Nursery Learning Log 26.5.17

Our butterflies are here! We have really enjoyed watching the process from caterpillar to butterfly. Now they need to have some food before they are set free. We have put some sugared leaves and oranges in the net for them.

We have been practising our songs for the Garden Show. If you would like to come along please sign up on the sheet in the cloakroom. We have been lucky with the weather this week and have done some art outside. We are busy making things for the show and doing lots of drawing and painting.

Our French word of the week and singalong is ‘un arc en ciel’ -rainbow.

We had a chat on the carpet with our partners about what we have enjoyed doing this week and what we would like to do next.

“I wish we had a paddling pool!” – Joy

“We could have a ball pit in the nursery!” – David

“We like the superstar sofa.” – David

“We could dress up in rainbow colours.” – Millie

“I like playing with the fire station play mobil, we could have more play mobil.” – Faye

“I liked playing with the water. We could have a water wall!” – Teigan

“We have enjoyed being outside in the sunshine!” Everyone



P2a Learning Log 22.05.17-26.05.17

What is going well?

“We used tally marks in maths to make a bar graph.” –Rory

“We learnt about the connective but and and in literacy.” –Krystian

“We learnt how to count to 29 in French.” –Tymi

“We learnt how to say the full date in French every day this week.” –Florence

“We made up our own animals in big writing and wrote facts about them.” –Amy


What could be better?

“To play more football games in in p.e.” –Kian

“To learn how to count up to 100 in French.” –Dan

“Some people need to be better at listening to instructions.”-Ethar

“To get more literacy games on the ipads.” –Kendyll

“To go on another trip to find out about more animals-deep sea world to find out about under the sea animals.” -Erskine

In topic this week we made paper chain food chains. It was really fun and we learnt about the food chain of woodland animals.