P7a Learning Log – 27th April 2017

This week I had a number of learning successes.  My learning success were that I learned more about negative numbers and I can now add and subtract them accurately.  Also this week I have really enjoyed starting to read my ‘Reading for Enjoyment’ book ‘Hitler’s Canary’.  I am really getting into it and I am enjoying the tasks we are doing linked to our books.  ‘The Roaring Twenties’ is our new topic.  We are learning about this because we are doing Bugsy Malone for our show and it is set in the 20s.  We are learning about the economic boom. The economic boom was in USA in 1920. It means that the Americans were making more money because they were getting paid more which allowed them to spend more.
*This week I enjoyed maths because it was interesting and harder so I had to work on hard  maths.

*This week I enjoyed the roaring twenties because I learned about the economic boom.
Wish: I wish that I could learn more about negative numbers.

By Brad

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