P6a Learning Log w.c. 24.4.17

Ben’s learning log

We have had lots of opportunities to practise our athletics skills this week in the gym hall, in the playground and at the Hibs stadium! We also had trials for the Interscholastics, which everyone tried really hard for.

When we went to the Hibs ground  we learned that if you want do a sport you can’t drink alcohol because you will be unfit and you will be more likely not to get in. I enjoyed going to the Hibs ground because we got to do some of the training that they do before a match.

This week we also made natural disaster posters. I was in the earthquake group with David, Michael and Josh. I learned that most earthquakes occur around the Pacific Ocean and it is safer to jump down a crack that the earth quake has created because there is a less chance of a building falling on you. Also, earthquakes are the most destructive natural disaster.


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