P4a – Learning Log 28th April 2017

What have we been doing this week?

Play scripts – we got to write our own play scripts and they were really fun. We had to add characters, settings and directions. I like how we got to act them out and film them. We had to practice without the words in front of us and we got to go outside to film. We got to use our imaginations. (Danny, Mia & Harry)

(Film clips to follow)

Maps – we got to make our own maps of the local area. We had to try really hard to think about where places and roads went as we were doing them from memory. (Scarlett)

ICT – I enjoyed playing maths slide with Ruben and Charles. Typing up our reviews was good. (Joey)

Maths – we were partitioning numbers and using the ENL for addition and subtraction. We’re using big numbers now! (Ellis)

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