P1b Learning Log 24.04.17

What is going well?

“We made flowers with scrunched tissue paper.” – Theo

“I liked learning about shapes in maths.” – Isla

“I liked gym because we were throwing beanbags on to a target.” – Alex

“I liked making a flower. We learned what a flower needs. It needs water, sun, time and soil.” – Jack

“I liked singing songs for our class assembly.” – Nicholas

“I liked drawing shapes like circles and squares.” – Kayla

“I liked doing the alien game for number bonds to 10.” – Caiden

“I learned to put numbers in the right order.” – Joseph

“I liked outdoor learning. We made our own creatures and I made a snail.” – Logan

“We had to find a hiding place for our wee bug. I hid my butterfly under the soil!” – Sophia

“I like playing on the ipad in maths.” – Klaudia

“We planted some seeds. We will watch them grow.” – Jaxx

Next week we would like to do more outdoor learning and remember to water our plants!

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