Learning Log April 24th – 28th

This week we went on a class trip to Holyrood Park and we had so much fun! We learned all about old old Scotland (over 2000 years ago). We took a trip back in time through a portal. We met many people along our adventure who taugh us how to make clay pots, build a fence from willow and comb sheeps wool!

In literacy this week we wrote a letter about our trip. We also started designing our own ‘WANTED’ Mr Fox posters. We wrote a description of what we will include on our poster. Here is some Fantastic Mr Fox masks we made!

In PE, this term our focus is athletics. We have been learning all about how to pace ourselves when we are running, and interval sprints.
In maths this week we looked more at the multiplication strategies we use to multiply by 8. We also looked at subtracting two 2-digit numbers.

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