P3a Learning Log 24th to 28th April

This week in maths we learned about fractions. Fractions are halves, thirds, quarters, fifths and tenths.

This week a lady from the NYCOS came and we learnt a song called Tony Chestnut.

This week in writing we had to write about one of our best dreams. The teacher’s reading ‘The BFG’ to the class and we had to write about a nice dream for our ‘Dream Jar’. We had to use lots of adjectives and remember full stops, question marks and exclamation marks. We did well and we have good ideas but we need to write more.

In our topic we’re learning about the human body. We made dancing skeletons and Ms Sutherland is going to put them on the wall. We are also learning a song called ‘Dem Bones’ and we are going to sing the song at our assembly.

NYCOS Workshop- Tony Chestnut Rhyme

Learning to play the guitar.

What’s this tune?

Learning to throw the javelin.

Millie and Hollie. Look behind you!

Practising fractions

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