Learning Log 18th-21st April 2017

Maths- this week in maths the Octagons were doing profit/loss calculations. We were continuing to work on our very own made up theme parks. It’s all going well. Our skills were to find out how much money each worker should get depending on their job, it’s all very good/easy.   – Ava

This week in maths the Hexagons have been learning to add and subtract decimal numbers. Our skills were how to add and subtract decimals mentally and use chimney sums. It’s going very well. – Murren


P.E. – In P.E. with Mrs. Mclaughlin we were training for Interscholastics. We ran 60 metres and then 150 metres , we still don’t know who got in but we are all very excited ! We were trying to improve our speed and stamina. It’s going very well! With Ms. Milne we were practising our speed and hurdle jumping! We were improving our time/speed within our teams! It’s going great! – Murren & Ava


Music – We were learning our Bugsy Malone songs for our P7 show! We are learning “So You Wanna Be A Boxer “ at the moment ! We were trying to be louder, more aggressive and fluent ! – Ava & Murren


Art – This week in art we were drawing designs for the National Galleries art competition. The theme is mermaids and pirates! We are working in groups of 2+. I’m working with Logan and Murren is working with Alice! We are using a variety of materials such as paint, pen, pencil and oil pastels. It’s going amazing! 😀 – Murren & Ava


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