P7a Learning Log 20th April 2017

This week I learned about negative numbers.  Before we started learning about them I didn’t know anything about negative numbers and now I know what they are and how to add and subtract them.

This week in P.E with Mrs McLaughlin we were running for Interscholastics trials and Mrs McLaughlin was timing us.  From this a team will be selected for the Interscholastics competition.

I think I need to learn more about the ‘Roaring Twenties’ because that is our new topic and I know nothing about it apart from alcohol was illegal then.

I enjoy reading ‘Wonder’ because it sounds interesting and I can’t wait to see what happens in it.

Star: negative numbers because I think they are fun and easy.

Star: bugsy malone songs because I like singing the songs and they are catchy.

Wish: I wish that we can do a lot more art because we hardly do that much.


by Tierney

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