P4b Learning Log April 17th – 21st

This week we have been working really well in maths. We have been looking at the link between 2, 4 and 8 times tables. We worked on subtracting two digit numbers mentally and we learned how to find the missing number in an addition calculation.

Our new topic this term in Planet Earth. We researched facts about Earth and designed our own planet earth using paint. We recorded our facts on the back. Earth is the third planet from th sun. It is over 4.45 billion years old!!

Next Monday we are going on a trip to Hollywood Educational centre to learn about old Scotland. We decided to look at features of the Scottish highlands to we looked up some of Steven Browns art work and we made our own highland cows. They are so colourful like all of Steven Browns art.
 Our new novel this term in Fantastic Mr Fox. In literacy we wrote a summary of the first 3 chapters. Summarising is a skill we are getting much better at!

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