P2b Learning Log – 17.04.17

I enjoyed planning our new topic – Filip

We have enjoyed learning a new game in maths and also doing this with numbers in French – Bailey

I have enjoyed learning about tally graphs and tally marks in maths – Alizey

I have enjoyed hangman in Literacy with magic e words – Laila

I have enjoyed doing chilli challenges in maths – Polly

I have enjoyed athletics in PE – Karly

I have enjoyed learning throwing skills in PE – Eloisa

I would like to keep practicing my tricky words – Eva

I want to learn more about tally graphs in maths – Sadie

I would like to keep practicing syllables in literacy – Oskar

I would like to practice more compound words – Victor

As a class we want to keep doing our daily mile to help us get fitter for sports day.


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