P1a Learning Log – April

Week Beginning 18/4/17

What is going well?

Finlay – Maths, counting three numbers before a number

Joe – writing words

Elle/Harris – Jack and the Beanstalk storyboards

Seth – making the Jack and the Beanstalk role play corner

Hannah – counting to 100

Freya – acting out Jack and the Beanstalk

Rudra – Independent learning

Kshitiz – building things

Ali – writing sentences

What could be better?

Sean – writing new word were quite hard

Adrian – the th and sh sounds

Jay – running fast in gym

Lenny – having flat hands when running

Tia – counting back from 20

Luo Lin – running heel then toe

Alex – doing some more gym, traffic lights when you show the colours

This week we have really enjoyed planning out Jack and the Beanstalk Topic.

We are sad to be saying goodbye to one of our friends who is moving schools.

Week Beginning 24/4/17

What is going well?

Harris – running in gym

Adrian – doing the ai/ay sounds

Joe – running in gym with flat hands

Elle – doing maths, counting back from 100

Hannah – doing reading to find out things

Seth – doing short sentences

Kshitiz – planting seed

What could be better?

Luo Lin – learning the au sound

Jay – counting to high numbers

Sean – Learning the aw sound

Tia – counting back from 20

Magda – doing more gym

Alex – making some more flowers

Freya – counting back from 20

Ali – doing more tricky words

Finlay – doing more sentences

This week we have really enjoyed finding out about our class trip. We are very excited!!

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