P3a Learning Log 18th to 21st April

This week we did the Gardening Club. We planted trees, vegetables and flowers and we watered them. We really enjoyed it and can’t wait to see them grow.

In maths we are learning about fractions. We learnt halves and quarters. We played two board games and they were fun. We liked the one where we had to say half of the number we landed on.

In reading I had to see who came  first, second and third in Sports Day. I wrote about why Mum was poor. Nora’s group had to find 5 good words and write sentences with them. Then we drew a picture about something in the story.

In P.E. we are doing athletics. We learnt running and jumping.

We need to get better at spelling.

Celeste and Nora

We planted some trees this week.

Decorating ‘Our Garden’ books

More plants

Ready, steady, throw!

Standing long jump

Practising times tables

Fractions game

Can you halve the numbers?

Nora and Celeste

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