P6a Learning Log w.c. 24.4.17

Ben’s learning log

We have had lots of opportunities to practise our athletics skills this week in the gym hall, in the playground and at the Hibs stadium! We also had trials for the Interscholastics, which everyone tried really hard for.

When we went to the Hibs ground  we learned that if you want do a sport you can’t drink alcohol because you will be unfit and you will be more likely not to get in. I enjoyed going to the Hibs ground because we got to do some of the training that they do before a match.

This week we also made natural disaster posters. I was in the earthquake group with David, Michael and Josh. I learned that most earthquakes occur around the Pacific Ocean and it is safer to jump down a crack that the earth quake has created because there is a less chance of a building falling on you. Also, earthquakes are the most destructive natural disaster.


P7a Learning Log – 27th April 2017

This week I had a number of learning successes.  My learning success were that I learned more about negative numbers and I can now add and subtract them accurately.  Also this week I have really enjoyed starting to read my ‘Reading for Enjoyment’ book ‘Hitler’s Canary’.  I am really getting into it and I am enjoying the tasks we are doing linked to our books.  ‘The Roaring Twenties’ is our new topic.  We are learning about this because we are doing Bugsy Malone for our show and it is set in the 20s.  We are learning about the economic boom. The economic boom was in USA in 1920. It means that the Americans were making more money because they were getting paid more which allowed them to spend more.
*This week I enjoyed maths because it was interesting and harder so I had to work on hard  maths.

*This week I enjoyed the roaring twenties because I learned about the economic boom.
Wish: I wish that I could learn more about negative numbers.

By Brad

P4a – Learning Log 28th April 2017

What have we been doing this week?

Play scripts – we got to write our own play scripts and they were really fun. We had to add characters, settings and directions. I like how we got to act them out and film them. We had to practice without the words in front of us and we got to go outside to film. We got to use our imaginations. (Danny, Mia & Harry)

(Film clips to follow)

Maps – we got to make our own maps of the local area. We had to try really hard to think about where places and roads went as we were doing them from memory. (Scarlett)

ICT – I enjoyed playing maths slide with Ruben and Charles. Typing up our reviews was good. (Joey)

Maths – we were partitioning numbers and using the ENL for addition and subtraction. We’re using big numbers now! (Ellis)

p2a Learning Log 24.4.17-28.4.17

What is going well?

“In maths we learned how to play the game of 11, it is a fun counting game.” –Zoe

“We were learning how to use tally marks in maths.” –Martin

“In French we practised our numbers and then played the game of 11 in French.”


“In topic we were learning about the life cycles of humans and frogs.” –Tymi

“We learned how to make bar graphs after we had collected tally marks in maths, it was fun.” -Ronnie


What could be better?

“I would like to play the Harry Potter maths game more at the start of maths lessons.” -Florence

“To do a survey about pets we have and use tally marks and bar graphs to show results.” –Kendyll

“In topic I would like to learn about chimpanzees.”-Dan

“To learn more French songs about colours and animals.” -Kian

“To count in 5s and 100s in maths.” -Krystian

In maths we were learning to count in 2s, 3s and 5s. We sang songs and played games to help us learn how to do this. 

In p.e we were doing athletics. This week we were practising our under arm throw,  jumping from 2 feet to 1 foot and running. We went round 3 stations to practise each skill. 

P2b Learning Log – 24.04.17

I have enjoyed searching for compound words outside – Brandyn

I have enjoyed athletics and practicing hurdles – Filip

I have enjoyed learning more about tally marks – Karly

I have enjoyed learning about bar graphs – Christoper

I enjoyed learning about acrostic poems and creating an acrostic poem about spring – Alizey

I enjoyed learning about life cycles – Oskar

I want to get better at writing my tricky words – Aaron

I would like to get better at athletics in PE – Luci

I want to get better at tally marks and bar graphs – Bailey B

I would like to keep practicing syllables – Christopher

I want to get better at speaking in French – Severijus

P1b Outdoor Learning

We were lucky to work with Matt Robinson in the playground! As we have been studying different fairy tales, we created our own fantasy land. We worked in pairs to design a little creature, and we had to find a suitable hiding place for them. We went back outside to find our critters at lunch time then we got to take them home!

Learning Log 28/4/17 – P3b!

This week I have learned about splitting numbers and shapes into halves. I used a one on the top, a line and then a two on the bottom to show this.

I’ve also been doing outdoor learning, we made maps to show different places in the playground.

I enjoyed learning about different parts of the body because it was really fun!

By Quinn.

P1b Learning Log 24.04.17

What is going well?

“We made flowers with scrunched tissue paper.” – Theo

“I liked learning about shapes in maths.” – Isla

“I liked gym because we were throwing beanbags on to a target.” – Alex

“I liked making a flower. We learned what a flower needs. It needs water, sun, time and soil.” – Jack

“I liked singing songs for our class assembly.” – Nicholas

“I liked drawing shapes like circles and squares.” – Kayla

“I liked doing the alien game for number bonds to 10.” – Caiden

“I learned to put numbers in the right order.” – Joseph

“I liked outdoor learning. We made our own creatures and I made a snail.” – Logan

“We had to find a hiding place for our wee bug. I hid my butterfly under the soil!” – Sophia

“I like playing on the ipad in maths.” – Klaudia

“We planted some seeds. We will watch them grow.” – Jaxx

Next week we would like to do more outdoor learning and remember to water our plants!

Outdoor Learning – P3b!

This week we went into the playground to do some outdoor learning in the slightly sunnier weather! We’ve been learning about how to write instructions and used these skills outside to direct our friends to different parts of the playground. We then swapped our instructions to see if another group could follow them properly. We talked about having to be specific and include lots of detail to make our instructions clear.