P3a Learning Log 27th to 31st March

This week we were doing a Joe Wicks workout and it was very very tricky because it was so fast.

In writing we were doing instructions to make a cup of tea and we did pictures too.

In maths we did the 4 times table and equations on worksheets.

In reading we did questions about our reading books on worksheets.

In history we were writing about Alexander Grahm Bell and drawing a picture of him too.

In science we were learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly and a frog.

In ICT we were learning to do code on code.org.

To improve we want to learn to spell more difficult words.

Leah and Sam

Maths in action

Hollie’s Loch Ness monster

Maths games

Practising times tables

Leah and Sam

Leah did the 9 times table.

Practising the over arm throw in P.E.

Alexei, our P.E. star for the basketball block

Fancy a cuppa?

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