P1b Learning Log 20.03.17

What is going well?

“Saying the words on the cards in literacy for our different sounds.” – Laukya

“I learned the oy sound like in ‘toys’.” – Erika

“Playing teacups and spaceships in gym.” – Joseph

“I like learning all the sounds in literacy.” – Theo

“I like playing the basketball game on the computers!” – Kayla

“We did the four seasons. They are Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn.” – Jack

“I like Geraldine Giraffe.” – Layla

“I liked learning about old fashioned toys like toy cars and a jack-in-the-box.” – Sophia

“I like the Season song because it shows us the seasons.” – Caiden

“In music we did the noises of the animals. We read What the Ladybird Heard. I was a sheep.” – Alex

“I like doing maths because we count up to 30.” – Isla

Next week we would like to do more Cosmic Kids Yoga, play more of the basketball game in maths and get better at sharing.

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