P5b Learning Log wk. beg. 19.3.17

This week in music we went on to the computers and made some sequences.  Then we wrote them down on paper for another pair to re-make them. Also Alice brought in a DVD about the best African harp player her father did the press releases for these CDs.IMG_0016IMG_0015This week in H.W.B. we were pretending we were stranded on a deserted island with 3 other people and we had to get along with each other.  We had to decide what 9 items to take onto the island. IMG_0593 IMG_0590This week in Art we were painting the inside or outside of shells. We put a lot of effort into it.  It took quite long but everyone liked in the end and everyone was able to finish them.IMG_0017IMG_0019 This week we did a seed planting competition and everyone planted a vegetable. Over the Easter holidays we will take our vegetables home.  When we come back from the Easter holidays it is a competition between Runner Beans and Baby Carrots to see what one grew the best.IMG_0018IMG_0014

This week in P.E. we were doing fitness.  We played a game where we had 3 teams and we had to run around the benches and if you over took another person they would have to sit out.


This week we made some story sticks.  We chose the main parts of our class novel          Kensuke’s Kingdom.  We drew the main parts on paper then attached them to a stick with string to help us retell the story orally and by heart.


This week in maths we were finding tenths of numbers, of objects and of amounts. We were also recording tenths on a number line. We have been creating posters that explain 10 different strategies – we drew them out and explained them – for adding and subtracting number sums.

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