P4a Learning Log – 24th March 2017

Maths – my group did very well with division this week. We saw the link between multiplying and dividing. If it was 5×4=20, it would be 20÷4=5.     (Danny)
Scotland Posters – Marc, Alfie and me made a good poster for the Glenfinnan Viaduct. We had words and pictures. We drew a train going over the Viaduct.      (Harry)
Everybody got their posters finished and were able to show them to the class.      (Ava)
Handwriting – I was good at the joined up writing this week as I was a lot faster this week.      (Marc)
Art – I enjoyed making a sporran out of paper and paper clips. It goes with my kilt.        (Cayley)
ICT – on Education City I was learning about science and how people are different.        (Danny)

Our Star Moments this week –

Netball – we have been learning different passes and how to catch.    (Danny)

Big Writing – we all wrote letters pretending to be a different character.      (Harry)

Our wish – more time on the computers!

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