P3a Learning Log 20th to 24th March

This week  in art  we did some Mother’s Day cards.

This week  for homework  Kaitlynne,  Sam and Annabel made a model each.

In maths we were learning to understand simple expressions and equations with <  >  =  and does not equal. We did very well.

Yesterday we made some string telephones, as we were learning about Alexander Graham Bell. Then we had to write instructions. We did well.

In PE we were playing basketball. On Thursday we did hurdles and we all jumped over the big red ones.

I want to get better at research on the computer and Kaitlynne wants to get better at concentrating.

Annabel and Kaitlynne 

Spelling activities

Models made for homework

Put your feet up and have a cuppa on Mother’s Day!

Kaitlynne and Annabel

Is that you on the line?

Hard at work in maths

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