Learning log p6b 23/3/17

Carly-This week I enjoyed going to the zoo because we seen all the animals it was very fun.

Rebecca-this week I learnt how to do fractions I find it a bit hard but once I got the hang of it I got better.

Carly-this week I learnt in maths fractions I know that two halfs make a whole.

Rebecca-this week I enjoyed writing a thank you letter to camp it was fun because we got to write and tell them what our favourite activity was and thanks for all the fun we had.

Carly-my favourite thing this week was P.E because we did interscholastics tryouts I think I did good.

Rebecca- my favourite thing this week was handwriting because my writing was neat and the paragraph that we copied was about a crocodile.

Carly – my target is to get better at handwriting.

Rebecca-my target is to get neater handwriting.
By Rebecca and Carly

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