P6a Learning Log w.c. 13/3/17

Juliet’s Learning log

This week we have been doing hockey. In hockey we have been practicing dribbling and stopping the ball. It is surprisingly harder to stop the ball than it looks. One of the drills we were doing was going in and out the cones and while we were doing that we had to look up or else we would bump into everyone else and that made it really tricky.  I think that hockey went well because in the drill where we were dribbling in and out the cones it really improves your control of the ball.

Another thing we have been doing is the Samba parade! In Music for the last couple of weeks we have been practicing by drumming, hitting and shaking our instruments in time to sentences like 1,2,3,4,5 banana. And this week we finally got to do our Samba parade around the school!  Mr Craighead split us into 4 groups each with a sentence to play our instruments in time to. Then we started our parade around the school. It was really fun and I think that I did well at it.

This week we have been doing Sun art. Everyone chose their own idea of what could represent the Sun. Everyone’s ideas were brilliant,  they were all very creative, even though we know that the sun doesn’t have sunglasses and isn’t a superhero and is really just a medium sized star.


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