P1b Learning Log 13.03.17

What is going well?

“I like when Geraldine Giraffe teaches us our letters.” – Jaxx

“Singing the goodbye and hello songs.” (Fischy Music) – Kayla

“Writing letters in literacy. O and O makes OO.” – Caiden

“I liked doing time in maths. I made a clock.” – PJ

“Cutting out numbers in maths.” – Aidan

“Writing words in literacy like spoon.” – Alex

“Doing the oo sounds with Daddy at home.” – Humza

“We wrote stories about when my toy came to life. My favourite toy seal went underwater and caught some fish!” – Sophia

“My toy roboraptor went to the rainforest and climbed up trees!” – Nicholas

“My toy binoculars went to McDonalds and then went on a plane to France with all his friends!” – Tristan

“I like playing Hanging Monkeys on the computers.” – Layla

Next week we would like to practise our cutting out, learn new sounds and play more maths games!

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