P5b Learning Log wk. beginning 13.3.17

17.3.17 no2


In P.E we made up circuits.  Some of the skills we needed to know is how to control the ball ,how to hold the hockey stick and how to shoot the ball.  Once we tried our own circuit,  we showed other teams the skills they would need to use and then we tried each others circuitds17.3.17 no2


For our project work on Kensuke’s Kingdom novel we were re-writing a paragraph from the Orangu-tan’s point of view not Michael’s point of view.  We found it very funny writing as the Ourangu-tan.We wrote what the Orangu-tan was seeing, hearing and thinking which is what Micheal was doing at the same time in the story.



17.3.17 no6

Our art has been all about Japanese art. With a little blob of ink we blew it into branches then with the bottom of water bottles we made big blossoms and small blossoms on the tree.Then we put 2 skewers together and then we tied some string to either side of the skewers.  Then we folded our paper on to the skewers and added some wool to hang them up.


17.3.17 no4

You can see some fans here on this picture. We made fans after looking at Japanese nature art and then we found out how they used fans in ceremonies. We needed to use water colour paint to blend and then folding paper skills to make the fans.17.3.17 no5

We needed to use a lot of detail.  When we were painting we needed to use quite a lot of paint on our brushes to get the paint to blend. We loved making them.



In ICT we were doing some coding which meant we had to follow instructions and to move objects to different areas on the screen. This is how computer programmers learn to make different computer games. Some people found it quite hard, other people found it quite easy but in the end everyone was able to do this.

by Caitlin


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