P3a Learning Log 13th to 17th March

This week in maths we found out everyone’s shoe size and made a graph and most people took size 12.

In Writing we wrote an imaginary story about our special powers and we wrote a lot of lines. We need to use more adjectives in our stories.

In P.E we were doing basketball and in basketball we did games to get bette at dribbling and passing. 

In Maths the worksheet was hard because it was dividing. 

In Reading we got our new books and we did new worksheets. We wrote down some hard words to practise. We also read about mini beasts and answered questions. In Spelling we did new spelling words and did a test on last week’s words. We made the words out of plasticine. 

In Art we made Spring flowers with paper and  we stuck the pieces together.

 In Music we learned about new Scottish tunes and we played chicken on a fence post. 

Lewis and Shlok.


Homework Presentations

Reading about mini beasts

Models of Greyfriars Bobby and Arthur’s Seat by Celeste and Ben

Lewis and Shlok

Writing exciting story openers

More exciting story openers

Spelling activities

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