P5a – Learning log 9th March

P5a had such a busy week this week that we did our Learning Log as a whole class.

Here are some of the things that we think went well this week and why;

Miko – Maths because I enjoy maths much more than I used to, I am finding the maths work much easier now.

Taba – I think the Japanese fans went well because I had quite a detailed painting.

Oliver – Haves and quarters because I am finding the work pretty easy, I think I remember some stuff from P4 which is helping me.

Arnold – Maths, I enjoy it and it is easy.

Paige – Big writing for fairtrade, I liked taking notes on the video and finding out new things about it.

Maisie – I enjoyed living and growing because I found out new stuff that I didn’t know before.

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