P6a/b Learning Log w.c. 6/3/17

This week, the children from P6a and P6b who didn’t go to camp came together to form a new class for the week!

The two groups of children mixed really well together and soon got settled into a very different kind of week.

There was a challenge to invent a new type of snack, where we went to Tesco and conducted some market research to see what people would like. Then we had to name our snack, decide on our ingredients, design a wrapper, present our findings in an eye-catching display and make a video to advertise our product. We managed to come up with some fantastic ideas and catchy slogans! Each group had very creative, but very different ideas, and we were reallly pleased with the results.

We displayed our work in the corridor so everyone can see all our hard work.

We had a visit from a story teller on Wednesday and he told us some fantastic tales which inspired us to come up with some great stories of our own. We liked the ‘Fortunately/Unfortunately’ stories and the Japanese tale about the mythical Kappa who used his powers to lure people into the lake so that he could eat them!

As part of our ‘Earth and Space’ topic we invented our own imaginary planets and painted them. We also did some research about renewable/non-renewable fuels. We will present our findings to our classmates next week so that they can learn about this important subject too.


On Friday morning we went up to the Hibs stadium to take part in some publicity for their Healthy Living campaign. Some people from Hibs are coming into P6 next term to deliver their message on Alcohol Awareness as part of our Health and Wellbeing curriculum. We had to hold up some messages while they took photos to use as part of the campaign. We got to wear a Hibs top and they took us into the dressing rooms and told us about what it’s like in there on match days. Then we went out and sat in the stand while they took the photos.

We all enjoyed our morning – even those who are not Hibs fans!



We are looking forward to hearing about how our friends got on at camp and exchanging lots of stories with them.

Here are some of our comments about our week:

Edward – Inventing our snacks went well. I liked that our wrapper was half transparent and half opaque.

Declan – I liked making the advert about our sweets.

Ryane – We were good at making decisions as a group without arguing.

Taylor – Inventing our own planets was good because they were all different and colourful.

Cale – I liked the storyteller because he told really good stories and he had a very expressive face.

Bailey – we did different sorts of work that didn’t feel like work.

Sydney – Music was good because we did a talent show.

Lennon – It has all been brilliant!


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