P1a Learning Log – March

Week Beginning –6.3.17

What is going well?

Magda – counting is going well

Jay – counting up to 100

Hannah – writing sentences is good but they could be longer sentences

 Harris – matching money with Miss Brown was good, I would like it to be trickier

 Ali – maths is good

 Elle – what is good is learning new letters

 Adrian – learning about toys and doing our talks

 Finlay – learning about toys from now

 Seth – doing tunnel tig in gym

What could be better?

Tia – Learning more about money

Brandon – counting money

Lenny – travelling around in different ways in gym

Joe – Learning more words

Luo Lin – Learning the oa/ow sounds

Sean – counting down from 100 can be tricky

Freya – learning letters could be better

Kshitiz – numbers could be better

This week we have really enjoyed doing craft and doing our toy talks.

Next week we  would like to learn about fossils.

Week Beginning –13.3.17

What is going well?

Harris – Learning the oo/ew sounds

Magda – learning to shadow a partner

Joe – Counting down from 20

Lenny – gym, catching beanbags

Rudra – Topic and learning about toys from the past

 Elle – writing sentences

 Finlay – catching and throwing

 Kshitiz – counting groups

 Freya – throwing beanbags in a hula-hoop

Sean – maths, learning time

Seth – counting up to 100

What could be better?

 Luo Lin – Writing sentences on my own

 Jay – reading tricky words

Tia – Learn more about coins – what kind of numbers they are

Ali – Maths – making a clock

Adrian – reading books

Emilia – Letters

Brandon – counting to 19

Hannah – doing our tricky words

Alex – more learning about clocks

This week we have really enjoyed recording our goodbye sing for Miss Bouwer.

Week Beginning –20.3.17

What is going well?

Hannah – seasons are good

Alex – learning about clocks- they have a big hand and a small hand

Luo Lin & Joe – learning the oi/oy sound

 Harris – shadowing in gym is going well

 Freya – craft

 Magda – I like doing sentences

 Lenny – doing the ‘wh’ sound

 Finlay – writing words

Ali – hairy phonics 2 (on the iPad)

What could be better?

Elle – do more learning about the seasons

Sean – Autumn is a bit tricky to remember

Rudra – Learning the ‘th’ sound

Adrian –learning to count to 100 and back

Seth – doing more new sounds

Kshitiz – sounding out words

Emilia – Writing with pencils

 This week we have really enjoyed making things for Mother’s Day.

Week Beginning –27.3.17

What is going well?

Magda – doing shadowing in gym

Rudra – doing independent learning

Luo Lin – learning the ‘ow’ sound

Hannah – writing sentences

Brandon – counting up to 19

Harris – writing sentences is going well

Sean – learning about clocks

Finlay & Lenny – shadowing a partner in gym

Ali – Spring craft

Alex – learning about electricity

Seth – writing sentences

What could be better?

Jay – writing words

Elle – counting backwards from 20

Emilia – writing words

Joe – counting up to 100

Adrian – saying the ‘th’ sound

Tia – writing some letters

Kshitiz – sounding out words

This week we have really enjoyed learning about electricity and doing Spring craft.

After the holidays we would like to learn about science and outer space. 




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