P3a Learning Log 6th to 10th March 

This week we had a visit from Fergus, a storyteller. He told us a Scottish story                                                                                    about a kelpie. It was good and he also taught us a song about Mickey Moose. It was fun.

We did the daily mile and a race,  girls vs boys.It was tiring.

We all drew a bug and we had to make it look like it was moving. We were allowed to colour it in any way we liked. It was fun.

We did a worksheet about living and growing. We had to say who we were like in our family. I drew my brother and Nadia drew her Dad.

We did five boxes in maths with big numbers. It was really fun but a little bit hard.

In music with Mr. Craighead we practised the Wood Chop Chop song.

In literacy we read a book and did a fact file about a night animal.

In our project we are doing 3 famous Scots. We watched a video about Alexander Fleming. It was really fun. He discovered Penicillin.

In P.E we enjoyed doing the chest pass,bounce pass and dribbling.

We have to be better at listening and spelling.

Justin and Nadia  

Listening to Fergus.

Ready for the Daily Mile.

Hard at work drawing and writing about the family member we resemble most.

Nadia and Justin


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