World Book Day

On Thursday p2a celebrated world book day by coming to school dressed as their favourite characters.  We enjoyed listening to different stories throughout the day and loved going to the book fair to choose our own books to take home. 

“I dressed up as Sleeping Beauty because I like her pink dress.” -Emily

“I chose to dress up as the blue crayon because it is a nice book and I didn’t think anyone else would have this idea.” -Amy

“I dressed up as Willy Wonka because I love chocolate and he owns a whole chocolate factory!” -Dan

“I wanted to be the bunny from the book Lettice because I love bunnies.” -Kendyll

“I am Where’s Wally because mum told me about the books and I think they are good.”

 -Finlay D

“I came dressed up as the bunny book thief because I love that book.” -Florence 

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