Learning Log 3rd March 2017

Maths – The Hexagons were doing percentages.

We were finding out how to get 10% of £200 which is £20. I can find out how to get 50% off of £300 which is £150. Next step is to be able to find more difficult percentages.



Maths- The Pentagons were finding fractions of numbers and we were using our times tables and division to find our answers. I was able to find fractions of numbers using my table and division skills. My next steps are to get better at finding 12ths of numbers. Sophie


Narrative poems- I thought that the narrative poems went well because we all put lots of effort into it even though it took us a lot of time. My next step is to be able to write a bit quicker and to make my poem rhyme.



Narrative poems – I think that the poems went well because people probably have put a lot of description in their poem and used good similes and metaphors. I was able to write a poem with some descriptive things. My next steps are to be able to make my poem better with some similes and metaphors.



The Art of Listening at The Hub – I thought that the trip

was good because the girl Laura was good at singing. My favourite part was when Alex was playing the piano. We learnt about different types of music played on the piano. We also meditated on comfy mats, closed our eyes and listened to the piano. Afterwards we drew using colours that the music made us feel.


I thought the trip was okay because Laura’s singing was quite weird because it was different. She was an opera singer. Alex’s piano playing was impressive because he was able to play theme tunes of films.


PE- I thought PE was good because my teaching skills improved. I was able to take control of my station. My next steps are to get more confident.



PE- I thought PE was good because I liked the footbal stations especially Murrens. I was able to take part in the football stations. My next steps are to get better at controlling the ball.


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