P6a Learning Log w.c. 27/2/17

John’s Learning Log

Today we did football for P.E. My partner was Campbell and my favourite session was when you had to kick the ball to your partner. I was kicking it too hard because it was going over Campbell.

We Music we were learning a samba. I’m enjoying it. The song is really good and we are going to get to go around the school.

I’m really enjoying daily mile I think I need to get faster in the sprinting but I’m doing ok.

I found the division hard this weekl but I’m nearly catching up. I need to practise more division.

My targets are to get better at division and to get better at dribbling in football.


In other news:

This week we listened to a link where NASA scientists have recorded the sound vibrations made by different planets, including Earth. We thought it was fascinating and a bit eerie. Here is the link, if you’d like to listen too:

We also watched a video about Fairtrade footballs. It was very interesting and really made us think about fairness and equality of opportunity in different parts of the world.






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