P4a -Learning Log Week beginning 20th Feb 2017

Maths is going well for my group as we got a lot of work done and it was fun as we got to make our own sums. We were subtracting on the ENL. – Lainey

Addition on the ENL is going well for my group. Everyone is doing well and we were working together with the teacher on the carpet and on the ENLs. – Marc

My group have been skip counting, going up and back the way. We also had quick sums to do. It is going well as we all did out own sums. – Ava

I think our new Scotland topic is going well. I really like the Scots language. We made Oor Wullie drawings and were reading his comic strip. – Danny

I think PE is going well because I was doing really well in netball. It’s hard holding the ball but I had it exactly right. – Harry

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