P1b Learning Log 27.02.17

What is going well?

“I liked playing octopus tig. If you get tug you have to be seaweed!” – Joseph

“Learning about money in maths.” – Aidan

“Rubbing coins with crayons. You put the money under the paper and scribble over it.” – Kayla

“I came as a storm trooper for World Book Day.” – PJ

“I like Daily Mile because it makes us fit.” – Alex

“I like playing number games in maths.” – Klaudia

“Playing the money game on the computers.” – Ellis

“The fish game on the iPads for maths.” – Humza

“Making our own money. I made £100 note.” – Kaede

“I liked World Book Day because we got to see everyone else’s costumes!” – Nicholas

“I liked the storyteller. He didn’t even need a book!” – Tristan

“Drawing our favourite book characters. Mine is the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass.” – Sophia

Next week we would love to learn what toys our parents used to play with!

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