P5b Learning Log worldbookday

P5b have dressed up as their favourite story character. Can you name all the characters we dressed up as?One of our activities was to make quiz cards about book characters and then compete against other teams for points.Then we wrote a mixed up story. We started the story writing about a pirate character and a setting, then we folded over the page, moved seat and started writing the next three parts at different tables!

Here we are reading the mixed up stories. They ended up sounding quite strange but some were very funny.
This week we were finding out the results of our science experiment.

 We were finding out what happened to egg shells in different drinks. We used egg shell to show what would happen to your teeth if you drank a lot of these drinks. The drinks we tested were, coke, orange juice, milk and water.

In coke after one week the egg shell changed colour it went black. In the orange juice the eggshell blistered. In the milk hard white bumps formed. In the water there was no change to the eggshell. We wrote down first what we thought would happen. 

When we looked at the eggshell we got a surprise in the way the eggshell had changed so much. We discovered that too much sugary drink could change the colour and rot your teeth. Fruit juice is very acid and it can also hurt your teeth but milk and water will keep your teeth strong.


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