Project Science – P3b!

This week we had loads of fun learning about how Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone! We used paper cups and string to explore how vibrations travel to produce noise. We thought about whether changing the length and thickness of the string would make a difference and how loud or quiet we were. Here are some photos of us in action!



P4B Learning Log 27th-31st March

This week we have been working really hard on our times tables. We started playing a new game. Miss Donohue throws a ball to us and asks us any times table. We are only allowed throw the ball back if we get it right!

We had one of our last lessons on our Scotland topic this week. We looked at the differences between living in the Scottish Highlands and living here in the city.

Our topic next term is Planet Earth so we learned a little bit about earthquakes. They are amazing! We wrote a bit about them in our weather booklets.

Because we are breaking away for the Easter Holidays this week, in Art we made our very own Easter Bunny Baskets. Have a look at us hard at work!

P2b Learning Log – 27.03.17

I enjoyed football this week. I had fun playing matches – Luci

I enjoyed learning how to pass in football – Aaron

I enjoy learning how to count in 5s – Bailey B

I enjoyed making fruit smoothies – Daisy

I have liked learning more about compound words – Chloe

I would like to practice counting in 2s – Christopher

I would like to get better at football – Josie

I would like to do more sports – Alizey

I would like to learn how to count in 6s – Brandyn

P5a – Learning Log 31st March

These are all the things that P5a thought went well this week!

Cameron – I enjoyed the trip because I have never seen a stop-motion film. I liked having no homework – it gave us time at home to do what we wanted like playing outside.

Aiden – I liked PE because it was really fun learning how to do a jab.

Ellie S – I like writing the newspapers and it was really fun and I concentrated really well which I haven’t done in a while.

Marcus – Maths because I have been learning more times tables.

Arnold – Times table posters, it helped me learn new strategies.

Sam – Kensuke’s Kingdom – I enjoyed all of it!

Paige – I enjoyed learning 5ths and tenths – it was hard but it was still fun.

Trinity – I think Maths was good because I liked working with Nicole and it made it much better working together.

We are all looking forward to the holidays!

P3a Learning Log 27th to 31st March

This week we were doing a Joe Wicks workout and it was very very tricky because it was so fast.

In writing we were doing instructions to make a cup of tea and we did pictures too.

In maths we did the 4 times table and equations on worksheets.

In reading we did questions about our reading books on worksheets.

In history we were writing about Alexander Grahm Bell and drawing a picture of him too.

In science we were learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly and a frog.

In ICT we were learning to do code on

To improve we want to learn to spell more difficult words.

Leah and Sam

Maths in action

Hollie’s Loch Ness monster

Maths games

Practising times tables

Leah and Sam

Leah did the 9 times table.

Practising the over arm throw in P.E.

Alexei, our P.E. star for the basketball block

Fancy a cuppa?

Learning log p6b 27.3.17

Learning log 

Thursday 30th March 

L.i-to evaluate my learning and set a target

.Zoe-this week I have learned fractions and there was a square with 3 lines in it and 1 was coloured.

Harry- l need to improve my running  Techniques to get my arms straight.

Zoe-my favourite thing was p.e in pe we done running and Mrs McLaughlin was picking people for interscholastics . 
Harry-This week l leaned Rme and we done drama and I missed the pillows in drama.

Zoe-my target is to get neater handwriting and joined up writing. 

Harry- my target is to get faster at running.

Healthy Fruit Smoothies in P2b

This week in class we have thought about all our learning around leading a healthy lifestyle and have created fact files with a partner. We also had great fun making  fruit smoothies in class. We spoke about our ingredients and were able to follow the instructions step by step. They were delicious!