p7b Learning Log 24th February 2017




In maths this week we continued Lunar Theme Park maths. We finished drawing and creating our theme parks. Also we worked out the prices of our rides and shops/cafes with our budget of £500,000.

–Logan & Ruby


In maths some of us did multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. Sometimes we worked on the carpet with Miss Milne, and used our whiteboards for the different activities such as decimal bingo. Sometimes we worked on our own on activities.


If you multiply the decimal number by 10, you move the digits 1 place to the left. If you multiply it by 100, you move the digits 2 places to the left and if you multiply it by 1,000, you move the digits 3 places to the left. Also, we did dividing, which is moving the digits to the right. – Maddie



This week we started off planning our narrative poems. We were allowed to pick the story line and setting. I am planning mines around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We read 2 other poems about Monday Mornings and Bottle Flipping




This week in coding we were doing more work on the 3rd course of our coding work. The annoying thing however was that it kept glitching. I hope we can eventually move on to harder work such as de- coding and number coding work. I’m looking forward to Erin’s mum coming in to do coding with us. Ruby


This week in P.E we were playing football. When we played we went in different groups/teams with a mix of boys and girls. It was really fun and at the end we did boys VS girls which I didn’t really like and I am sure that most of the other people in our class didn’t like it either. –Maddie






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