P7b Learning Log 10th February 2017

Learning Log


Maths- This week in maths we have been doing Lunar Theme Park maths which is how to plan and maintain a theme park… Our first task was to draw a birds-eye view of our own theme park. We had a budget of £500,000 and we had to spend it wisely.


Literacy/Storytelling- This week we had to tell our Tam O’ Shanter stories that we drew out on story maps. We are recording these on our Ipads. We learned a lot of different skills to be able to tell our stories: confidence, description, detail, using eye-contact, gestures and voices.


P.E.- This week in P.E. with Mrs McLaughlin, we had a few of our pupils set up their own stations for gymnastics. Arwen, Emily, Ruby and Harry did very well at their stations, from our point of view everyone seemed to enjoy it!

On Thursday in P.E. we resorted to a last minute station set up from some of our class… again, Aleena, Maddie, Ruby, Logan and Ava all set up stations. This was last minute because the S6 leaders from Leith Academy were to teach us but were unable to come, but it was great fun.

Art- This week in Art we were dazzling our Robert Burns’ cottages… we mixed colours of acrylic paints and used some unique designs. During this task we also tried some printing using Mod Podge to help us.


Music- This week in music we started a new project on Indian music and we watched a video of Ravi Shanker and his daughter Anushka Shanker playing the sitar, we also noticed some other instruments such as the Tabla(drums) and the Tampura, this was made out of a pumpkin which was really cool!!


Overall our week was good!

By Arwen and Aleena


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