P7a Learning Log 23/02/17

This week we learned about certain maths things to help us with our Enterprise topic. We were split into groups and worked on division, long multiplication and adding and subtracting money.  This will help us make our Enterprise topic more successful by helping us work out the costings and potential profits.

Some of us also did bike ability this week but only the people who wanted to. We did a test to make sure that our bikes and helmets were safe to use and most of them were, at the end of the session we rode our bikes around the big ones playground.  We did this while Miss Firth did art with the rest of the class.

On Thursday we finished our personal project posters which are posters that compare our own country, Scotland with another country that the teacher picked (mine was Spain.)  We are going to present our posters to the class next week.

The final thing is that most of the class likes doing the new mindfulness colouring so I think that that idea that Mrs Gray had was a good one.

By Magnus

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