P4b Learning Log 20th-24th Feb

This week was Internet safety week. We watched a video clip about a girl called Amber. She shared her stories of online social media and how sometimes things can get complicated when we use the Internet. As a class we then worked hard to answer questions and give our opinions on Ambers story. We now are more vigilant when browsing the web and using social media!

In maths this week we focused a lot on the 8 and 9 multiplication tables. We use a bingo game that helps us. For addition and subtraction the emtoy number line is really useful! We have also started working with larger numbers such as hundreds and thousands. It’s challenging!

Our new PE block focuses on Net Ball. This week we worked on handling the ball, quick reactions and how to throw and catch. Here we are practicing our catching:

Our novel this term is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so this week we completed character studies on certain characters from our novel. Next Thursday is World Book Day, so we might dress up as one of them!

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