P1b Learning Log 20.02.17

What is going well?

“Playing maths games on the tablets.” – Zilan

“Playing a money game on the smart board.” – Ibraheem

“I made a house with the lego.” – Laukya

“We learned about toys and made a toyshop.” – Layla

“I like playing with the fire trucks.” – Humza

“We played a toyshop game on the iPads. You have to collect the marbles.” – Theo

“I was being a shopkeeper.” – Paul

“Playing Hanging Monkeys on the computers. You’re meant to read the word and guess the picture.” – Jaxx

“We were balancing bean bags on our heads in gym!” – Ellis

“I was drawing my favourite baby toy!” – Klaudia

“My favourite baby toy was a chewy toy!” – Isla

“Dilly doll and Molly the big dog were my favourites.” – Kaede


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