P1a Learning Log – February


Week Beginning 6/2/17

What is going well?

Joe & Seth – Playing tunnel tig in gym

Tia – learning the ea sound

Finlay & Freya – Remembering the order to bake gingerbread men

Sean – trying my best to write sentences

Magda – learning how to read

Jay – mixing all the stuff together when we were making gingerbread men

Harris – decorating my gingerbread man

Alex – Literacy – learning sounds

Kshitiz – Dancing at the assembly

What could be better?

Luo Lin – writing sentences, remembering every word and the sound they have

Ali & Adrian – Jumping over things in gym

Hannah – Jumping over things sideways

Elle – writing sentences are tricky when they are long

Brandon – I needed some help when trying to mix the butter

This week we really liked performing to an audience.

After the holidays we would like to plan for our new Toys topic.

Week Beginning 20/2/17

What is going well?

Ali – Running in gym is good

Kshitiz – Money – there is a 1 penny

Sean – Gym catching beanbags with a partner

Brandon & Finlay – going fast at mile a day

 Freya – doing sound flashcards with Miss Brown

 Lenny – doing mile a day and running round loads of times

 Harris – Winning the cat and mouse game when I had a beenbag balanced on my head

Luo Lin – writing sentences

Nikolas – liked gym best

Rudra – Balancing and throwing

What could be better?

 Jay – Not losing pen lids

 Adrian – Not running to get to the front of the line in class

 Alex – doing topic maths, sorting the money

 Elle – getting changed for gym

 Hannah – sorting out the coins was a bit tricky

 Joe – sounding out words

 Tia –topic maths learning about coins

This week we have really liked going to assembly and opening a toy shop in the classroom.

Next week we would like to play more duck, duck, goose.

Week Beginning 27/2/17

What is going well?

Magda – learning numbers up to 100

Joe – doing more letters, writing them

Harris – writing sentence

Finlay – topic maths, learning about money

Lenny – writing numbers

Adrian – literacy, learning the I sound with igh

Emilia – the toy shop with money

Seth – counting up to big numbers

Rudra – topic , we get to learn about toys that were in the past

Brandon – writing my name

Nikolas – experiments

What could be better?

Elle – Playing games in gym was tricky

Luo Lin – reading sentences

Hannah – reading tricky words

Jay – reading

Tia – reading group books are tricky

Sean – money, coins

Alex – doing more topic maths

Ali – catching in gym

Kshitiz- stretching in gym

This week we have enjoyed Fergus- the story teller – and playing in the toy shop.

Next week we would like to know more about toys from the past.

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